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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

TOYOTA 161 ARIST with T78

Today, we have this JZA161 Arist with stock over 120k engine ,T78 turbo 650cc injector, front mount intercooler, and F-con Vpro ECU for tune. 

Previously this vehicle has F-con IS with this set up, however this time, grade up with V-pro version. 


And boost.
we tried up to 1.3 bar of boost, however 650cc injector was almost max at this point. Result... Over 350kw at wheel! . this is the quick family ???car.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another problem .......ABS unit this time.

It's getting common problem for early model R35GTR, problem again(+_+)''' yes.
This time ABS unit!!! 

Unfortunately need to replace whole ABS unit from NISSAN genuine parts, of cause cost will be $$$ . especially for parallel import vehicle. 

After replace we need: steering angle sensor adjustment, G sensor calibration, press sensor calibration, and valve calibrations to clear the fault code. (*_*)'''''  too many trouble this car......And we have another one with center screen problem......more$$$

Monday, 10 March 2014

EVOX with ECU flash boost up!

This EVOX has cat back exhaust system(still has converter), air filter kit and intercooler piping kit only!
We remove small pill from stock boost controller hose for instant boost up, and more easy control from ECU!
Simple is the best!

Just flash ECU with light modifications.

This is the result!
From Stock 185 kw at wheel to 234kw at wheel 1.55 bar of boost. Only ECU flash! cost very good performance.! 

Limit of the stock conrod?! RB26.

we knew that it is going happen, but did not when.

RB26DETT with over 400kw at wheel(over 460kw at 1.7 bar) for 11 years. The rod bolt has been changed to Tomei, however rod itself is still stock. We have many engine over 400kw at wheel with stock rod, and going almost 100,000km. However for peace of mind, change rod to better one especially if you are going hard with engine!! Please use decent parts, not copy or knock off!!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

S14 with FORD XR6 engine +T......

We see many engine conversion these days. Today we had a S14 with Ford XR6NA engine(only NZ$400 second hand) with twin turbo set up. According to  SOMEBODY...this engine can stand over 400kw at wheel??!!!(it wasn't true!! The turbo engine will be, but not NA engine!)

Once we started tune, this engine was making good power....till some point. At 13psi, it made over 400kw at wheel(over 540hp at wheel). This was good enough for only $400 engine, but someone wanted try 15psi......(*_*)"""

AND this is the consequences......

                                            We found after that NA Barra engine has very weak conrod,
                                            And according to expert, 300kw at wheel, and 6psi is the safe
                                             zone, The turbo engine may hold over 400kw at wheel. We need to have a reliable information!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fake gates...

All three waste(HKS and Trust alike!!) gates are failed(even one was brand new)....leaking from shaft.....(the boost is keep going up),So no boost control till pop?!!
Get decent parts please(*_*)"""

Monday, 30 September 2013

R32GTR V-spec N1 power check(full stock)

Not many of N1 spec GTR around, however we have one here now!!!
Just in case power check with full stock car.

As you can see, all stock. This car has full stock 26engine 96,000km with N1 turbo, stock boost is only 0.85 bar! So the car is bit ?laggy (full boost at 5500rpm)(+_+)''' 

As we expected, 180kw at wheel. It's good to know the staring point??!!


This un usual car turn up for tuning, NISSAN Patrol or Safari.
Normally this car has diesel engine, however the engine has been change to RB25DET neo. 

Even change spark plug is bit mission, but this car made from diesel 86kw engine to..... over 230kw at wheel! well done.. BUT   How is the driving like?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Still Making Power?!!

This EK civic came for tuning....however engine sound is bit strange?!
Just in case check this car before we set can on Dyno.

Engine compression wasn't equally, but no smoke, nose...So let's do it!!?
Anyway started to and tune easily first, took little bit time but this car is still making over 130kw at wheel. If engine is healthy....will make over 140kw.....HONDA Engine is...strong!!!